Establishing Congregational Prayers In The Masjid

Launching this Ramadan 2021
Enabling users to view Adhaan & Iqamah times for the Daily Prayers (UK – Only)

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Our user friendly app enables individuals to easily view their local Beginning Time & Local Masjid’s Iqamah Times at the click of their fingers, removing the need to constantly check their Local Masjid’s website updates.

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User Friendly

Easily accessible and elegant interface 


Notification alerts with beginning and Iqamah times

Sorting Options

Filter all the prayers by the earliest and latest Jama’ah Times

Geo Location

Shows Mosques within the vicinity with their contact details

Live Stream

Streaming of Talks & Prayers 

Travelling Companion

Allows you to schedule your prayers during your trip and find the nearest Mosque

Masjid Directions

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Get updates from Masjid about upcoming Courses, Events, & News

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Upload Masjid Timetable

Upload Masjid Timetable

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