Establishing Congregational Prayers In The Masjid

Launching this Ramadan 2021
Enable users to view Adhaan & Iqamah times for the Daily Prayers (UK – Only)

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Our user friendly app enables individuals to easily view their local Beginning Time & local Masjid’s Iqamah Times at the click of their fingers, removing the need to constantly check their Local Masjid’s website updates.

Users also have the option to sort times of the Local Masjids by the earliest and latest Prayers for all 5 times Salaah. Fully featured, with Daily and Monthly Iqamah timings, Masjid info, Live Stream links and much more.

Ramadan Timetable, Iftaar & Sehri Ends. Users can easily adjust their notification alerts with the beginning times and Iqamah Times, enabling them to schedule Prayer Times easily and in accordance with the users local Masjid Prayer times.

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