Why Choose Us?

Our user friendly app enables individuals to easily view their local Beginning Time & local Masjid’s Iqamah Times at the click of their fingers, removing the need to constantly check their Local Masjid’s website updates.

Users can easily adjust their notification alerts with the beginning times and Iqamah Times, enabling them to schedule Prayer Times easily and in accordance with the users local Masjid Prayer times. This way users avoid missing Prayers at the Masjid and overall schedule the Prayer Times around their personal life.

Users also have the option to sort times of the Local Masjids by the earliest and latest Prayers for all 5 times Salaah.

We strive to make the Iqamah Times app useful and easy for all members & local Masjids who are the nucleus of their community to be actively engaged in managing prayer times – a fundamental pillar of Islam.

Our Iqamah Times App, which is an all in one digital bulletin board, aims to remotely manage, publish custom content, automatically adjust prayers like Maghrib, and accommodations for daylight savings times, to the Adhaan framework that supports Islam within the home.

Our Adhaan Frame technology offers homes solutions syncing Masjid-specific prayer times to facilitate Congregational Prayer to Prayer reminders, Adhaan, Daily Hadith and Duas and more to come in the future.